Things to Avoid after tooth extraction

Things to Avoid after tooth extraction

Removing a damaged or painful tooth is called tooth extraction. However, after removing the tooth, healing this skin part is a big issue. Because it takes time, and sometimes it gets infected if one does not care for it properly. So, there are multiple things to avoid after tooth extraction to speed up the recovery.
So, keep reading this ultimate guide to recover your wound quickly after extracting the teeth:

Top Things to Sidestep After Tooth Extraction

You need to avoid the following eleven things to recover your tooth in a timely manner:

Avoid Brushing

Brushing around the area from where the tooth is extracted may hurt the blood clot, causing instant bleeding. So, it’s recommended to avoid brushing around the area for two to three days after extracting the tooth.

Avoid Hot Water Compress

Never use the hot water compress on the area from where the tooth is extracted. It’ll release the blood from the wound and doesn’t let it get healed. Moreover, avoid spitting and constant rinsing since it’ll also scrape the blood clot.

Avoid Taking Alcohol

Individuals are advised not to consume alcohol or related beverages right after having a tooth removed. Drinking alcohol might disturb the clot forming at the extraction site, hindering the recovery process. Moreover, it’s essential to avoid smoking and using tobacco products. Tobacco compounds can interfere with the clot, leading to a dry socket complication.

Avoid Aspirin

For the first two to three days, avoid using the aspirin. Actually, aspirin makes the blood thin, so it keeps the blood clots from forming and slows down the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended to take ibuprofen or any other pain-killed instead of aspirin after extracting the tooth.

Avoid Using Straws or Sucking

It isn’t recommended to use a straw or suck something after extracting the tooth since it can hurt the blood clot and induce bleeding.

Avoid Pocking into the Gap

Don’t touch the area with your tongue tip after extracting the tooth because it’ll badly impact the recovery procedure.

Foods to Avoid After Food Extraction

Normally, doctors recommend eating soft and cool foods after extracting the tooth. Because the soft food keeps your tooth from chewing, and the cool items reduce the inflammation. In the meantime, the doctor says to avoid certain foods like:

Solid Foods

Solid food like hard candy, nuts, chips, and popcorn can dislodge blood clots and cause bleeding. So avoid eating solid items after removing your tooth.

Hot Foods & Drinks

Food and drinks that are very hot could make you feel bad and slow down the healing process. It is best to eat and drink things that aren’t too hot or too cold until your mouth fully heals.

Spicy Foods

Spicy ingredients like chili peppers, garlic, and ginger can exacerbate inflammation and heighten sensitivity. They might also intensify any pain or unease from the dental procedure. It’s advisable to avoid spicy dishes after tooth removal until mouth recovery.

Alcohol Beverages

Using alcoholic beverages can interfere with healing and prolong the recovery time. Moreover, drinking alcoholic drinks isn’t good for your overall health. So, always make sure to have healthy and your doctor-recommended drinks.

Tips for Faster Recovery After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction recovery is totally based on how much you follow your dentist’s instructions. However, if you consider the guidelines mentioned below, your tooth recovery will speed up automatically.

Eat Cold & Soft Food

Eating cold food, especially ice cream, after the tooth extraction reduces inflammation and helps you feel comfortable. Moreover, eating soft food like mashed potatoes relieves swelling and doesn’t hurt the blood clots.

Have Rest Enough

Avoid doing any physical activity like bending over, cardio, or heavy lifting for 24 to 48 hours after extracting the tooth. It’ll keep the blood pressure from getting high and reduce the bleeding. Make sure to have your head on a soft pillow so the blood pressure stays maintained, avoiding swelling and discomfort.

Take the Medicine According to the Prescription

After the tooth extraction, your dentist will surely recommend the medicine to heal the wound. Ensure to take the medicine as stated by the doctor. In case you feel discomfort after taking the medicine, contact your doctor immediately and state your issue.


From avoiding brushing, hot water, alcohol, aspirin, and sucking to multiple other things, eleven things are explained above to avoid after the tooth extraction. Moreover, plenty of tips are discussed above to speed up recovery after extracting the tooth. So read out this article and ensure a quick tooth extracting healing!
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